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Specialized Shiv Elite 2020 Blk/Sil

Shiv Elite 2020 Blk/Sil
СТОИМОСТЬ: 247`890руб.


для кого предназначенМужской
модельный год2020
характеристика моделиThe Shiv was designed with one goal in mind—making you faster over the bike leg of your race. Of course, we wanted to do this without setting you back six months' rent. So, whether you're looking to go after your first triathlon or set a fresh PR, you can ride with the confidence that your Shiv is up to the task. This Shiv Elite places an emphasis on delivering speed and performance at a palatable value. That said, it’s spec'd with a mix of Shimano 105 and Praxis components, our legendary Sitero Comp saddle, and smooth, durable, and fast DT R460 wheels. - A full FACT 10r carbon fiber frame was developed in our very own Win Tunnel, and it's not only been aerodynamically optimized for straight-line speed, but it also features airfoils that have been optimized to limit side force in crosswinds. - A bike can only be as fast as its rider, which is why we developed the Control Tower fit system that let's you optimize your stack and reach numbers in order to find your most comfortable and powerful position for your desired length. - The Fuselage Hydration System houses a water bladder inside of the frame, making it virtually invisible to the wind. And to go along with your water, the optional add-on Fuelcell fits plenty of food and even has room for a flat kit. The best part of the Fuselage and Fuelcell combination is that, when packed correctly, it cleans up the frame and saves up to 75 seconds when compared to a taped-up system.
количество скоростей22
тип рамыТриатлон
рамаSpecialized FACT 10r carbon, FACT IS construction, crosswind-optimized airfoils, 1-1/8" lower bearing, OSBB, Control Tower Fit System, Fuelselage Integrated Hydration System, 130mm spacing
передняя вилкаSpecialized FACT carbon, full monocoque
размерыXS, S, M, L, XL
выносSpecialized, 3D-forged alloy, 4-bolt, 7-degree rise
рульSpecialized Shiv Aerobar, alloy
тормозаShiv rim caliper
передний переключательShimano R7000, clamp-on
задний переключательShimano 105, 11 ск.
кассетаShimano 105, 11 ск., 11-28Т
шатуныPraxis Zayante, BB30, 52/36T
цепьKMC X11 Extra Lightweight, 11-speed
педалиSpecialized Dirt
покрышкиSpecialized Turbo Pro, 60 TPI, folding bead, BlackBelt protection, 700x24mm
ободаDT R460, sealed cartridge hubs, 14g spokes, 20/24h
втулкиКолеса DT R460
подседельный штырьSpecialized Shiv, 12.5mm
седлоSpecialized Sitero Comp
кареткаPraxis, PF30
грипсыSpecialized S-Wrap with gel

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