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Specialized S-Works SHIV Module 2019 Cmln/TarBlk/MetWhtSil

S-Works SHIV Module 2019 Cmln/TarBlk/MetWhtSil
СТОИМОСТЬ: 347`890руб.


для кого предназначенМужской
модельный год2019
характеристика моделиAn aerodynamic frame that was developed in the Win Tunnel? Check. Integrated water and storage options? You know it. The ultimate speed weapon to elevate your bike leg to the next level? Oh, yeah. The S-Works Shiv Module is the perfect canvas to start constructing your new triathlon speed demon.
тип рамыШоссейный
рамаS-Works FACT 11r carbon, FACT IS construction, crosswind- optimized airfoils, 1-1/8" lower bearing, OSBB, Control Tower Fit System, Fuelselage Integrated Hydration System, 130mm spacing
передняя вилкаSpecialized FACT carbon, full monocoque
размерыXS, S, M, L, XL
выносS-Works Shiv aero stem
рульSpecialized carbon aero bar
тормозаSpecialized Shiv
подседельный штырь12.5mm Shiv seatpost
кареткаOSBB, CeramicSpeed bearings
доп. оборудованиеПодседельный зажим Tarmac SL6 clamp assembly

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