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Specialized RBX Pro Bib Shorts Black/White XL

RBX Pro Bib Shorts Black/White
СТОИМОСТЬ: 11`990руб.


You never know where a ride might take you, but you'll always want to be comfortable when you get there. And with this simple truth in mind, we felt inspired to create the RBX Pro Bib Shorts for every rider that goes hard, goes long, and keeps going when the road ends.

Like the SL Pro line, RBX Pro spares no expense in delivering the utmost in comfort and performance. Where the two differ, however, is in RBX's intention—endurance riding. And along these lines, everything from the fabrics to the cut to the chamois supports this notion, which leads us to the details of these shorts. They're constructed from a knit version of our VaporRize™ fabrics that places an emphasis on striking the ideal balance between breathability, moisture management, and durability. Not surprisingly, these materials perform all of the above dutifully.

There are also some handy features that are unique to this Pro iteration, like Cold Fabric technology that reduces the surface temperature of the shorts and two SWAT™ pockets that allow you to conveniently house your smaller ride essentials. We also designed the shorts with a comfortable fold-over leg cuff that features a small silicone print to keep the shorts from slipping (even over leg warmers), plus an articulated pattern that ensures the shorts move with you while you're riding, not against you. For the Body Geometry RBX Pro chamois, you'll find the RBX theme truly at work, as it's noticeably more substantial in the padding department than what you'll find with the SL Pro line. The amble padding works similarly, in that it reduces pressure on soft tissue for improved performance, only it provides additional support for riding over rough terrain.

  • VaporRize™ knit fabrics are soft, lightweight, and highly breathable, with an equal emphasis placed on moisture management in order to increase your comfort on long rides.
  • Cold Fabric technology reduces surface temperatures on dark colored fabrics to keep you cool without sacrificing style.
  • Mid-thigh length and articulated design ensures the perfect fit while in the riding position.
  • Two SWAT™ Pockets are built into the rear of the bib uppers in order to conveniently house your ride essentials, nutrition, and electronics.
  • Fold-over leg cuff w/ silicone print prevents pinching and discomfort by providing an even, low-volume, and compressive hold over the leg. Body Geometry RBX Pro Chamois was developed to reduce pressure on soft tissue and nerves for enhanced performance, as well as to provide ample padding for added support over rough terrain. Deflect® UV 50+ protects your skin from harmful, ultraviolet rays. 10" inseam (size Medium)

    Размер XL (54)

    Производитель: Specialized (США)


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